Business Law

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Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

Introduction to Legal Terminology. Legal Regulation of Business in the Czech Republic. Legal Regulation of Business in European Union and legally binding Regulation for business subjects in the Czech Republic. Basic legal Regulations concerning Business Activities. Introduction to Commercial Law, commercial law obligation relationships, business entities, co-operatives, public control. Introduction to Civil Law, civil law obligation relationships, personal entities and legal entities, analogy of law, public control. Introduction to Trade Law, rights and duties of businessmen, business trade operation, commencement and types of trade authorization, public control. Introduction to Labour Law, labour law relationships, types of contractual relationships, public control. Protection of the competition. Enforcement of Law and executive proceedings.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Terminology. Legal Regulation of Bus. in CR and EU, Int. Law and Treaties.

2.Bus.Law Regulations. Legally binding and enforceable Decisions of Pub.Admin.Bodies and local Authority Bodies in CR and EU, Territorial Principle.

3.Intro to Comm.Law. Basic Concepts, Types of Entities, Conditions for Establ., Content of Obligation Relationships, general and specific conditions for exercise of Corp.Office, legal Reason for terminating and liquidating of business(Terminating).

4.LLC - Character and conditions for establishment(Establishment) of LLC, legal position of Statutory Representatives (Executives), Legal Bodies, Capital Structure, Terminating.

5.Joint-stock Company(JSC). Establishment of JSC, Significance of successive and simultaneous Establ., Shld.Positions, Legal Bodies, Capital Structure, Terminating.

6.Ltd. Partnership(LP). Establishment of LP, position of gen.partners and ltd partners, legal bodies, Capital Structure, Terminating.

7.General Partnership(GP). Establishment of GP, position of Exec., legal bodies, Capital Structure, Terminating.

8.Co-operation, Interest based association of legal entities. Establishment, Position of Members, Legal Bodies, Capital Structure, Terminating.

9.Contracts. Legal Regulation of Contracts, legal subj.of regulation, content, obligatory and facultative contractual appurtenances(Appurtenances).

10.Protection of Competition, Enforcement of Law and execution proceedings in CR and EU.

11.Intro to Civil Law. Basic Concepts, material and local competence, legal facts, Appurtenances of legal acts, subsidiarity of law.

12.Intro to Trade Law. Basic Concepts, rights and duties of bus.men, bus. trade operation, commencement and types of trade authorization, public control.

13.Intro to Labour Law. Appurtenances, managerial contract.


Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Seminars rules. Condition of assessment. Legal regulation of business.

2.Types of entities, conditions of establishment.

3.Constitution of partnership agreement.

4.Transformation of limited partnership to joint-stock company.

5.Types of business contracts, examples.

6.Relation between company and civil subjects. Protection of civil rights and business competition.

7.Trade establishment.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Slorah Scott J.: Business Law, Oxford Uniresity Press, ISBN 9780199542291

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