Sensors in Electronics

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Department of Microelectronics

The cource describes the basic physical principles of semiconductor sensors and microsensors, classification, materials, production, static and dynamic parameters, errors, noise, design, integration, construction, processing of sensor signals, linearisation, calibration, smart sensors, application of sensor (temperature, pressure, optoelectronic, fibre optic, radiation, chemical and biochemical, mechanical, level and flow, ...) General design considerations of cost versus performance are thoroughly examined.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Sensors, microsensors, semiconductor microsensors - classification, properties

2. Static and dynamic parameters, characteristics, calibration

3. Processing of sensor signals

4. Design of sensor chain and choice of sensor

5. Semiconductor resistance sensors - mechanical deformation

6. Semiconductor pressure and temperature sensors

7. Flow and level sensors

8. Basic principles of operation and fibre-optic sensors application

9. Basic type of sensor in the particular area of radiation

10. Use of character of electronic devices for chemical and biochemical sensors realisation

11. Sensors for other physical quantities measurement

12. Intelligent sensors

13. Sensor systems applications in industry and medicine

14. Miniaturization and integration - microsensors.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Sensor system design, selection of sensor type

2. Property measurements of selected sensors

3. An accurate thermometer with integrated flip-flop circuit

4. Thermometer realisation with PN temperature sensor

5. A thermostat design with an integrated temperature sensor

6. Measurements of parameters of self-built designs

7. Construction of an infra-red barrier

8. A sensor system with an infra-red passive sensor

9. Construction of a inflammable gas detector

10. Anemometer design with a thermistor

11. Capacitive sensor

12. Non-invasive microflowmeter

13. A sensor system for air flow speed and direction measurements

14. Wireless transmission of sensor data

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Gardner, J.W.: Microsensors, principles and applications. John Willey, Chichester, 1994

2. Fraden,J.: Handbook of modern sensors. American institut of physics, Woodbury 1997

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