Project II. - Aircraft Design

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The assignment of Project II mostly comes from practical needs of the industry or the research and development intentions of the University.

Stress analysis of a 3D model constructed in Project I, the summary of results, modification of the 3D model of the construction solution and its repeated verification for the fixed load. Working out a final version of the 3D model adn crafting necessary documentation required by the sponsor. Working out a technical report and defending the project in presentation.

In case of assigning a different character (flow, stress analysis, technology experiment), the tutor will formulate the subject to enable continuation in Project I. The formal condidtion to fulfill the project requirements are the same as in the assignment of a construction character.


Mathematics IV.

Momentum, Mass and Heat Transfer

Strength of Materials II.

Strength of aircraft and engines

Fundamentals of Aerodynamics

Low Speed Aerodynamics

Mechanics of Flight I.

Aircraft Design

Aircraft Propulsion

Airplane Structures and Design I.

Materials in Aircraft Engineering

Reliabibility of Aerospace Engineering

Project - Aerospace Engineering

Project I. - Aircraft Design

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Study Objective:

Work out and defend in a presentation the final version of a construction solution crafted in a 3D model and documentation required by sponsor. Craft a final technical report containing the description of the construction solution, definition of load, stress control and required documentation.

In case a different character is assigned (flow, stress analysis, technology, experiment), the tutor will assign the project goals in a way to enable continuation of Project I.

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The tutor of the course will assign according to assignment.

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