Biochemistry and Pharmacology

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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

Concise overview of organic chemistry, biochemistry and pathology of body fluids, biochemistry of breathing, biochemistry of digestion and resorption, kidneys and urine, biochemical significance of liver, metabolism of water and minerals, metabolism of trace elements, nutrition. Basic principles of pharmacology - biotransformation of pharmaceuticals, their absorption, distribution and elimination, pharmacodynamics, classification of pharmaceuticals, chemotherapeutics, radiopharmaceuticals and diagnostic preparations, conditions for such products and for their fabrication.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Concise overview of organic chemistry.

2. Proteins - structure and function. Enzymes, mechanism of enzyme catalysis, enzyme kinetics.

3. Bioenergetics. The role of ATP. Respiration and oxidative phosphorylation.

4. Metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. The main metabolic pathways (glycolysis and gluconeogenesis, citric acid cycle etc.)

5. Biochemistry of blood. Blood cells and their metabolic functions, plasma proteins, blood coagulation. Biochemistry of lungs and respiration. Hemoglobin and oxygen transport. Buffers of blood.

6. Biochemistry of cardiovascular system. Muscle biochemistry. Pathobiochemistry of atherosclerosis and ischaemic hear disease.

7. Biochemistry of digestion. Biochemistry and pathobiochemistry of liver, central role of liver in metabolism. Biochemistry and pathobiochemistry of kidney, metabolism of water and salts.

8. Pathobiochemistry of cancer. Biochemistry of nutrition.

9. Introduction to pharmacology. Principles of pharmacodynamics - the effect of drugs on organism.

10. Principles of pharmacokinetics - interaction between drug and organism. Preclinical and clinical testing of drugs.

11. Drugs - examples of their mechanisms of action.

12. Radiopharmaceuticals - basic introduction.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:


Get an overview of biochemical processes in the human body and principles of pharmacology and drug biotransformation.


Using knowledge of organic chemistry and biochemistry to the selection of drugs for the treatment of patients.

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] Murray, R K: Harper's Biochemistry. Prague, H a H 2001. (in Czech)

Recommended references:

[2] Katzung, B G: Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. Jinocany, H a H 1995. (in Czech)

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