Radioanalytical Methods

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Department of Nuclear Chemistry

The course gives a detailed overview of all main radioanalytical methods, specifically: Indicator methods, analysis by means of naturally occurring radioactive elements, isotope dilution analysis (IDA), substoichiometric IDA, radio-reagent methods, radiometric titrations, radio-release methods, RIA, activation analysis, irradiation with thermal neutrons, irradiation with fast and resonance neutrons, irradiation with charged particles and gamma-rays, non-activation interaction analysis, X-ray fluorescence analysis, PIXE, RBS.


1.Basic course of analytical chemistry.

2.Basic course of nuclear chemistry.

3.Basic course of ionising radiation detection.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Definitions, classification. Indicator methods.

2.Non-destructive methods for determination of naturally occurring radioactive elements.

3.Destructive methods for determination of naturally occurring radioactive elements.

4.Determination of radium and radon isotopes.

5.Isotope dilution analysis.

6.Radio-reagent methods.

7.Methods based on isotope exchange, concentration-dependent distribution methods, RIA, radiometric titrations.

8.Activation analysis, activation with thermal neutrons.

9.Irradiation with fast and resonance neutrons, sources of neutrons.

10.Pulse activation analysis, irradiation with charged particles and gamma-rays.

11.Interferences in activation analysis, radiochemical activation analysis, activation analysis with measurement of delayed neutrons.

12.Non-activation interaction analysis, X-ray fluorescence analysis, PIXE, RBS.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

This course provides the students with the knowledge of principles and selection of existing analytical methods that make use of radionuclides or ionising radiation for the determination of stable elements, and methods for the determination selected radioactive elements.

The students will acquire competence to choose an optimum radioanalytical procedure for the given application, taking into account the facilities available at the workplace.

Study materials:


Key Literature:

1.B. Kahn (ed): Radioanalytical Chemistry, Springer-Verlag, New York, 2007

2.A. Vertés, S. Nagy, Z. Klencsár (eds.): Handbook of Nuclear Chemistry, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2003

Recommended Literature:

1.J. Lehto, X. Hou: Chemistry and analysis of radionuclides, Wiley-VCH Weinheim, 2010

2.J. Tölgyessy, M. Kyrš: Radioanalytical Chemistry, Ellis Horwood Chichester / J. Willey & Sons New York / Veda Bratislava, 1989 – available in Local Faculty Library, FNSPE CTU in Prague

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