Sociology and Enterpreneurship

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Department of Management and Economics

The aim of the subject is to become acquainted with the society and human beings in social actions. It is usually related to the social rules and processes that bind and separate people not only as individuals, but as members of groups and institutions. It informs on dynamics of groups, which is studied as well as their interaction and issues relating to communication (foundations of communication, types of communication). The course objective is to provide essential knowledge about possibilities of sociological findings implementation in personnel management, corporate culture and cross-cultural issues of management. The course is also orientated to the sociological aspects of virtual organi-sations and the management of virtual firms. The next themes are sociology on the In-ternet (discussion groups, virtual communities) and research methods and techniques of sociology and sociometry as a method of measuring relations in small working groups. Students will be able tu utilize this subject during their working activities as managers or bussinesmen. Exercises consist of student´s presentations on individual topics.


1.Delivering oral presentations in classes and seminars. (Students doing a combined degree may be granted certain concessions; reduced attendance can usually be compensated for by completing a longer essay.)

2.Completion of a ten-page essay on an agreed topic, with subsequent discussion.

3.In certain cases, passing an oral test based on prescribed texts (depending on the quality the student?s essay).

Students should discuss details with their Course Director.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.History of sociology, socialization

2.Status, position, groups

3.Qualitative and quantitative research, research techniques (questionnaire, interview, focus group)

4.Sociology organization and institution bureaucracy

5.Globalization, European Union (EU), geographical and social mobility

6.Information society, telecommuting and teleworking

7.Public relations, communication, Mass Media, General Public

8.Knowledge workers and knowledge society.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.-8. Delivering oral presentations in seminars.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

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