Social Psychology

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Department of Management and Economics

Social psychology is one of the most important applied disciplines of psychology. The course is dedicated to the issue of man in social situations and the influence of the group on the per-sonality of the individual. The dynamics of small social groups is studied as well as their in-teraction and issues relating to communication (foundations of communication, types of communication). Attention is devoted to attitudes and their development, to conflicts and the resolution. Another important theme is socialisation of the individual and social roles. Exer-cises consist of student presentations on individual topics.


(1)Delivering oral presentations in classes and seminars. (Students doing a combined degree may be granted certain concessions; reduced attendance can usually be compensated for by completing a longer essay.)

(2)Completion of a ten-page essay on an agreed topic, with subsequent discussion.

(3) In certain cases, passing an oral test based on prescribed texts (depending on the quality the student?s essay).

Students should discuss details with their Course Director.

Syllabus of lectures:


Introduction to course. Personality psychology - components of personality. Motivation - Maslow theory of values, Herzberg double-factor theory, ERG Tudory.

Attitudes - types of attitudes, development of attitudes, changing attitudes. Communication - foundations of communication, types of communication. Stress, frustration, ego-defensive mechanisms. Psychology of group life - the dynamics of small social groups, interaction. Social psychology of the organisation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.-8. Delivering oral presentations in seminars.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

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