Improvement of Manufacturing Processes

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W34O005 ZK 60B
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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

Subject, content, division and tasks of a Manufacturing methods improvement. Rationalization study in the manufacturing processes. Manufacturing processes and operations analysis. Time structure of a Production. Photography of the working day. Work sampling studies. Time study. Time measurement variability. Improvment of operations elements and working conditions optimization. Computer aided methods in the manufacturing improvement and mathematical methods usually used in these areas. Job analysis. Motion study MTM, WF and others. Sequence motion study. Maynard operation sequence technique. Basic MOST method. Multiservice in a machine operation project. Improvement in service processes of the Production (heat treatment, inspection, transportation, interoperation and operation handling of material, storage and stock optimization). Computer aided Process and Systems Planning. Systematic handling Analysis.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Manufacturing methods improvement aims , objects and main streams. Basic of the subject, division and classification.

2.Subsystems of time consumption classification (man, machine, material). Basic on the „rationalization“ studies.

3.Methods of the lost determination. Photography of the working day.

4.Manufacturing process and working operations analysis.

5.Work sampling studies and it´s applications.

6.Methods of a time consumption and standard time determination. Performance rating. Improvement of operation elements.

7.Time study. Time measurement variability. Time study requierements and equipment.

8.Theory of multimachine operation service. Operation service of the several equipments (heat treatment etc.)

9.Motion study. Division. Motion study MTM, WF and others.

10.Sequence motion study. Maynard operation sequence technique. Basic MOST.

11.Systematic Handling Analysis in the Manufacturing.

12.Assembly line balancing.

13.Logistical connections on manufacturing methods improvement (process charts). KAN BAN and Just-in-Time strategies.

14.Application of Computers for Improvement in a technical preparation for Process and Systems Planning.

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