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W22T002 ZK 3P+1C
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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Equations of steady-state aeroelasticity. Load redistribution on a lift surface, efficiency and reversal of controls. Torsion divergence of a lifting surface. Equations of a deformation motion of an ideal structure in influence form. Natural modes and frequencies. Generalized Lagrange?s equations of motion. Viscous, structure and Coulombe?s damping models. Equations of unsteady flow fields. Aerodynamics of an oscillating motion. Response functions and Duhamel?s integral of aerodynamic forces of a general motion. Equations of the potential flutter. Non-linear forms of flutters. Dynamic response to an isolated gust, series of periodical gusts and to a random atmospheric turbulence. Buffeting. Servoelasticity. Theory of the similarity and a modelling of aeroelastic phenomena.


Graduation of a subject concerning fundamental knowledge of Aeroelasticity.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Steady-state and dynamic Aeroelasticity

2. Equations of steady-state Aeroelasticity

3. Torsion divergence, load redistribution, efficiency and reversal of controls

4. Equations of deformation motion

5. Natural modes and frequencies

6. Generalized Lagrange?s equations

7. Damping models

8. Aerodynamics of oscillating motion

9. Aerodynamics of a general motion

10. Equations of the potential flutter

11. Non-linear forms of flutters

12. Dynamic response

13. Buffeting. Servo-elasticity

14. Theory of the similarity and a modelling in Aeroelasticity

Syllabus of tutorials:

Individual project

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Bisplinghoff R. L., Ashley H: Principles of Aeroelasticity, Dower Publications 2002, ISBN 0-486-49500-0

Försching H.W.: Grunlagen der Aeroelastik, Springer-Verlag 1974,

ruský překlad: Osnovy aerouprugosti, Moskva Mašinostrojenie 1984

Fung Y. C.: An Introduction to the Theory of Aeroelasticity, Dower Publications 2002, ISBN 0-486-49505-1

Hodges D. H., Pierce G. A.: Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity, Cambridge University Press 2002, ISBN 0-521-80698-4

Kopřiva Z, Maleček J: Aeroelasticita, VAAZ Brno 1982, poř. č. tisku U-904

Slavík S: Aeroelasticita leteckých konstrukcí, skripta ČVUT Praha 1996, ISBN 80-01-01415-0

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