Aircraft Structures

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W22O002 ZK 3P+1C
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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Stages of the airplane development and design problems in connection with aviation regulations (safety, reliability). Generation of technical information a their transfer, technology of airframes assembling. Weights and their classification, mass characteristics. Analysis of structure limiting states caused by feedback properties of elastic structures (Aeroelasticity) and by fatigue failures. Take-off and landing characteristics. Wing and empennage structures with regarding to aerodynamic and flight qualities. Fuselage structure with respect to pay and other useful spaces. Automatics and controls systems. Travelling and energy absorbing characteristics of undercarriages. Economic aspects of the aircraft production.


Graduate a subject familiarizing with essntial of aircraft structures.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Stages of aeroplane development

2. Design philosophy and aviation regulations

3. Generation and transfer of shape information

4. Airframe assembling

5. Weights and mass characteristics. Centres of gravity.

6. Aeroelasticity

7. Fatigue failures of aircraft structures.

8. Take-off and landing characteristics.

9. Influence of wing arrangements and geometry on aerodynamic characteristics and flight qualities

10. Fuselage design requirements and useful spaces

11. Empennages - stability and controls

12. Automatics and control systems

13. Undercarriages -absorbing of energy and travelling characteristics

14. Budgets and costs.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Individual project

Study Objective:
Study materials:

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Roskam J.: Airplane Design PART IV - Layout Design of Landing, Gear and Systems, Wing and Empennage: Cutaways and Inboard Profiles, The University of Kansa, 1989

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