Theory of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The aim of the subject is to explain physical principles of complex process of transformation of chemical energy of fuel to useful mechanical energy within different types of aircraft turbine engines and their basic internal flow elements with respect to their performance characteristics and efficiency.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the powered flight, operational envelopes and standard atmosphere, aircraft performance, thrust and needed engine power

2. Aircraft gas turbine engine, thrust equation, propulsive efficiency, gas turbine engine components

3. Air breathing engines, gas turbine engines, jet engines, basic construction schemes of gas turbine and jet engines, ideal engines and their thermal cycles

4. Parametric cycle analysis of ideal engines of different construction schemes - (ramjet, turbojet, turbojet with afterburner, turbofan)

5. Parametric cycle analysis of ideal engines of different construction schemes - (turbofan with optimum bypass ratio, turbofan with optimum fan pressure ratio)

6. Parametric cycle analysis of ideal engines of different construction schemes - (mixed-flow turbofan with afterburning, turboprop engine, turbo-shaft engine with regeneration)

7. Component performance - inlet and diffuser, nozzle

8. Component performance - compressor

9. Component performance - burner

10. Component performance - turbine

11. Component performance - nozzle

12. Parametric cycle analysis of real engines - turbojet and turbojet with afterburner, turbofan with separate exhaust streams, turbofan with mixed exhaust streams, turbofan with mixed exhaust streams and afterburning

13. Parametric cycle analysis of real engines - turboprop engines

14. Engine performance analysis for gas turbine engines of different construction schemes at design and off designed points, acceleration and deceleration curves, engine starting process.

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Study materials:

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Hűnecke K.: Jet Engines, Airlife Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1 85310 834 0, London, 2000

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