Experimental Methods in Plasma Physics

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Department of Physics

This subject informs about the basic problems of plasma physics especially in term of the use of plasma assisted methods in machinery. Discharges in gas as the sources of low temperature plasma. Characterization of particular types of discharges. Basic plasma parameters, Boltzmann´s transportation equation, ambipolar diffusion. Plasma diagnostics, mass spectrometry of gases. Probe methods, measurements and evaluation. Optical diagnostics, emission and absorption spectrometry. Application of plasma methods in the branch of coatings deposition and surface modifications.


Understanding physics on the level of basic course.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Applications of plasma assisted methods in technology.

2.Basic properties of plasma, parameters and plasma description.

3.Gas discharges as plasma sources in technology.

4.Boltmann kinetic equation, ambipolar diffusion.

5.Plasma diagnostics, mass spectrometry.

6.Probe methods, evaluation of measurements.

7.Optical emission of plasma, emission and absorption spectroscopy.

8.Plasma interaction with surfaces of solids.

9.Plasma nitridation technology.

10.Plasma assisted magnetron deposition.

11.Plasma assisted methods of coating deposition.

12.Plasma assisted welding and material cutting.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Basics of vacuum facilities servicing.

2.Measurements of glow discharge parameters.

3.Mass spectrometer servicing.

4.Measurement and evaluation of optical emission of plasma.

5.Magnmetron sputtering of hard coatings.

6.Coating deposition by evaporation and ion plating.

Study Objective:

To make PhD. students acquainted with basic knowledge of low temperature plasma physics. The level of knowledge should be sufficient for understanding of processes during plasma assisted technologies (surface modification, coatings deposition, material cutting etc.) and parameters matching to fulfill the particular tasks.

Study materials:

Pouch,J.J.;Alterovitz S.A;: Plasma properties, deposition and etching, Trans Tech Publications,Switzerland,1993.

Kiyotaka,W; Shigeru,H.;: Handbook of Sputter Deposition Technology, Noyes Publications, USA,1991.

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