Machine Elements and Mechanisms II.

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Department of Designing and Machine Components

Preliminary design, design calculations and aplication of axles and shafts, sliding and rolling bearings, shaft connections, elements of crank mechanism, pipelines and their accessories and fittings.



- knowledge of whole range of lectured subject matters,

- capability to sketch of given arrangement of shaft supporting inside gearboxes with help of rolling bearings without use of literature,

- numerical calculation of given design example of simple driving mechanism or supporting system with use of literature

Syllabus of lectures:

Axles and shafts. Preliminary design, strength and deformation evaluation. Vibration of shafts.

Sliding bearings. Bases of tribology, lubrication, lubricants. Radial sliding bearings operating at hydrodynamic or hydrostatic lubrication. Design, loading capacity and reliability of sliding bearings.

Rolling bearings. Standardisation. Kinematics, dynamics, loading capacity, durability of rolling bearings. Shaft supporting with use of rolling bearings.

Shaft coupling and clutches. Main types, properties, characteristics, application. Kinematics, dynamics, design, dimensioning, design calculations.

Inelastic, elastic and compensating shaft couplings.

Design, loading capacity and compensating capabilities of shaft couplings.

Dynamic torsional analysis of driving systems provided with shaft couplings.

Mechanically controlled shaft clutches. Design, calculation of loading capacity, compensating properties.

Special shaft clutches. Safety, starting, overrunning clutches.

Main parts of crank mechanisms. Kinematics and dynamics of crank mechanism. Theoretic indicator diagrams.

External, internal and inertial forces loading crank mechanisms.

Loading, preliminary strength calculation and design of main parts of crank mechanisms.

Pipelines and fittings. Flow of substance through pipeline. Operating parameters, calculation of pipeline diameter.

Pipes. Materials, production, dimensioning, loading capacity, joining.

Pipeline compensators.

Closing fittings. Cocks, valves, gate valves. Closing forces of fittings, dimensioning, design calculations.

Syllabus of tutorials:


Study Objective:

Extension of knowledge and acquisition of basic skills at design of following machine parts and mechanisms following up the course Machine Elements and Mechanisms I.

Clarification of basic calculating theories, models, procedures and design principles of machine elements and assembly units with general use.

Study materials:

Jančík, L.: Machine Elements and Mechanisms II (study texts). CTU Prague, 2006

J.E. Shigley; Ch.R. Mischke: Mechanical Engineering Design. McGraw Hill, New York, 1989.

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