Low Speed Aerodynamics

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Low speed aerodynamics is a basic theoretical subject in Aerospace Engineering. The class is intended to familiarize students with the fundamental solutions and mathematical modeling of inviscid and viscous flow cases around aerodynamic profile, airplane wings and aircraft at low speed domain.


Aerodynamics and Mechanics of Flight

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Kinematic description of motion and deformation of fluid eddy fluid flow.

2.Planar potential flow field, solving simple cases of potential flow fields.

3.Conformal transformation in aerodynamics.

4.Basic laws of physics used to describe viscous flow, laminarity and turbulence.

5.Prandtl and Kármán equations of boundary layer, possibilities of solving boundary layers.

6.Turbulence, description and turbulence models, solving turbulent boundary layer, laminarity - turbulence transition.

7.Theory of profiles based on conformal transformation.

8.Theory of profiles based on the method of singularities, the theory of thin profile.

9.Theory of thin profile, direct and indirect solution, aerodynamic profile characteristics.

10.Model of the flow around the finite span wing, the distribution of induced quantities, Prandtl equation of wing.

11.Glauert?s solution of the lift distribution along the wing span, aerodynamic characteristics of the wing.

12.Multhopp?s solution of the distribution along the wing span.

13.Asymmetric distribution and the influence of nearby objects on the distribution of lift along the wing span, flow separation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Scalar, vector and tensor fields

2.Planar potential flow field, flow around a cylinder

3.Conformal transformation, Zhukovski airfoil

4.Turbulence models in CFD

5.Laminar boundary layer

6.Turbulent boundary layer

7.Theory of thin profile

8.Glauert?s solution of the equation of the wing

9.Multhopp?s solution of the equation of the wing with asymmetric distribution

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to obtain knowledge of low-speed aerodynamics needed for qualitative and quantitative description of basic cases of aerodynamics. Course participants will become familiar with methods for flow field computations, laminar and turbulent flow, boundary layers and basic theories for solution of airfoil and wing properties.

Study materials:

?Barnes W., McCormick, Aerodynamics, Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics, John Wiley & Sons INC.

?R.W.Fox, A.T.McDonald, P.J.Pritchard, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, John Wiley & Sons, INC.

?John D. Anderson,Jr., Fundamentals of Aerodynamics, McGraw-Hill, INC.

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