Medical Systems and their Economic Dimension

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F7AMSZSED Z,ZK 4 2P+2S English
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Department of Biomedical Technology

Different elements of healthcare systems are studied so as the different possibilities of healthcare system design, its conditions and consequences. The healthcare systems are analyzed in international dimension, the Czech healthcare system is presented in details.



To acquire minimum of 50 from 100 points in multi-component system of evaluation:

a) max of 60 points - semestral project (required min. of 50%)

b) max of 30 points - compulsory test (required min. of 50%)

c) max of 10 points - examination

A student can gain 100 points in total, successful completion of the subject is conditioned by at least 50 points. The graded assessment is conditioned by the seminar attendance and successful completion of seminar activities (50%).

The assessment is based on ECTS scale.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introductory lecture: Subject outline. Healthcare Systems Typology. History. Comparison, weakness, strengths, trends.

2. Healthcare Systems in International Comparison.

3. Czech Healthcare System Evolution.

4. Czech Healthcare System in Numbers: Healthcare System Financing. Healthcare Resources. Financial Flows.

5. Public health Insurance System as a base of Czech healthcare system. Health Insurance Companies and their role in the Czech system.

6. Healthcare Facilities and their Role in the Czech Healthcare system.

7. Reimbursement Methods in the Czech Republic.

8. Healthcare system from the Insurance Company point of view.

9. Healthcare system from the Health Facility point of view.

10.Health Policy.

Syllabus of tutorials:


1/ Reading week (selected papers)

2/ Papers Discussion (students presentation).

3/ Healthcare Systems in International Comparison.

4/ Healthcare Systems in International Comparison (students presentation)

5/ Semestral Project.

6/ Semestral Project.

7/ Semestral Project.

8/ Semestral Project.

9/ Semestral Project.

10/ Semestral Project (students presentation).

Study Objective:

Students have knowledge about different possibilities of healthcare system design, its conditions and consequences. Students are oriented in different healthcare systems in Europe. Students know in detail the Czech healthcare system is presented in details.

Study materials:

[1].FELDSTEIN, Paul J. Health care economics. 5th ed. Clifton Park : Delmar, 2002. 627 s. ISBN 0766806995

[2].PHELPS, Charles E, Health economics, New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, 1992, 559 s., ISBN 06-733-8746

[3].FELDSTEIN, Paul J Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective. ISBN-13: 978-1567936964

[4].OKMA, K. CRIVELLI l. Six Countries, Six Reform Models: The Healthcare Reform Experience of Israel, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan. ISBN: 978-981-4261-58-6

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