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Advanced operating systems

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Department of Computer Systems

The course is intended for master students of MFF CU and FIT CTU who are interested in detailed understanding of internals of contemporary operating systems that control complex computer systems, starting from commodity multicore uniprocessor computers up to large distributed clusters of servers. The course is a loose continuation from the bachelor basic operating system course (NSWI004 Operating Systems at MFF and BI-OSY at FIT CTU). Under the supervision of the main guarantor, the lectures will be given by invited external experts from commercial software companies whose professional interest is in advanced topics of OS architectures, implementations, administration, security, reliability, and performance evaluation. The lectures will directly reflect the professional skills of the external lecturers. Students will therefore not only deepen their theoretical knowledge of this area, but the lecturers will also hand over their valuable hands-on-experience with contemporary operating systems.

Lectures will take place in the building of MFF UK, Malostranska square 25


Undergraduate curriculum in informatics including a basic course on operating systems.

Syllabus of lectures:

The topics of the lectures are not stone-engraved, the specific list of lectures in a given semester will be optimized wrt the disponibility of external lecturers, but it will cover at least the following topics:

1. nonconventional operating system architectures

2. synchronization, highly parallel hardware

3. resource management, service management

4. instrumentation, observability

5. reliability, updates

6. security mechanisms

7. memory management

8. virtualization

9. networking

10. file systems

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