Security of Information Systems and Networks

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

Study is focused on understanding the principles of security risks in information technology, the preventive treatment and management. Students will learn the basic principles of security, understand the sense of security in large information systems. Students will learn the principles of the new solution practices, which lead to the design, installation, operation and maintenance of secure information systems.


Written proof of acquired knowledge test.

Syllabus of lectures:

Network topology and network protocols

Securing data (content)

Data Encryption

Introduction to Quantum Cryptography

Network Security

Authorization and Authentication

Physical security

Security Audit

Security of information systems in the financial and security sector

Syllabus of tutorials:

TCP / IP, MPLS and other networking protocols

Ensure reliable transmission, Interleaving

Data encryption, symmetric and asymmetric ciphers, cryptography, Vernam cipher, Enigma

The principles of quantum cryptography and examples of detection of eavesdropping

Firewall, VPN, WLAN, intranet,

Single Sign On, Active Directory, PKI, key management (electronic signature, banking)

Standards, certification and hardware security

Draft standard security audit case study

Transaction Systems, Security TRX

Study Objective:

To acquaint students with advanced security mechanisms in information systems.

Study materials:

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