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Code Completion Credits Range Language
17PBLGEN Z,ZK 4 2P+2S Czech
Garant předmětu:
Department of Natural Sciences

Obtaining credit conditions:

1st 2 tests - at least 60% success rate (terms - first after 7th week, the second after the 13th week)

2nd 100% attendance at practicals

3rd All protocols of practical tasks handed

The conditions for the test:

1st Successful completion of a written test (60%)

2nd Oral examination of the subject matter

Note: The interval between regular and repeat the test or tests must be minimaly seven days.

Syllabus of lectures:

1st Introduction to Genetics (basic concepts and methods of studying genetics). Basic and classical methods of genetic analysis - Mendelian genetics.

2nd The structure of the chromosome. Genes.

3rd Cytogenetics, cell and cell structure in the transmission of genetic information. Cell cycle and its regulation. Reproduction of organisms, mitosis, meiosis.

4th sex chromosomes. Types of inheritance sex. Other mechanisms influencing gender. Methods of analysis of genes related to sex. Characters sex-linked (direct inheritance, inheritance Cross), controlled by sex and gender affected.

5th Gene interactions. Minor and major genes. Analysis of gene interactions. Epistasis, Complementarity, compensation. Inheritance of quantitative traits - cumulative and non-cumulative interactions. Binding talents. Morgan's laws. The chromosomal and gene map.

6th Molecular basis of heredity. Structure and organization of eukaryotic and prokaryotic genome types of nucleotide sequences, their structure and meaning. Structure eukaryotic and prokaryotic gene.

Mutations seventh. Their causes and classification.

8th Human Genetics. Antropogenetika, medical genetics. Methods of Human Genetics - Genealogy (symbolism), gemelilogie, population genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics. Hereditary defects and diseases (syndromes)

9th Principles of population genetics in the detection and prevention of genetic diseases. Ethical aspects of genetic analysis in humans, prevention of genetic diseases, gene therapy. The mapping of the human genome. Gene therapy.

10th Immunogenetics and immunogenicity methods. Genetics tumors.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1st Mendels principles , calculation examples dihybrid cross . types of inheritance

2nd Cytological basis of heredity

3rd Genetic structure of cells , cell division

4th Types of chromosomes

5th Scheme meiotic division , meiotic nondisjunction , Robertson translocation

6th Examples of easily identifiable characters in humans with simple Mendelian heredity

7th Mutations of human disease

8th genetic processes related to sex. Sex-linked genes , affected by gender , gender controlled .

9th Genealogy . Analysis of pedigrees

10th Gene interactions . Examples of solutions of population genetics

Study Objective:

To get acquainted with the principles of heredity and variation at the level of molecules , cells and whole organism . Handle the inheritance of individual characters , both qualitative and quantitative .

Master the methods of genetic analysis of genes in custody talents , methods of genetic analysis of genes related to sex , to understand the principles and methods of genetic analysis in gene interactions .

Study materials:

Required literature:

1. Snustad P.D., Simmons M.J. : Genetika. Masarykova Univerzita, Brno, 2009, 1. vydání.

2. Fischlová, H.: Základy genetiky. Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, 2011

3. Závacká, I.: Úvod do genetiky. Ostravská univerzita v Ostravě, 2011

4. Pritchard D.J,. Korf D.R.: Základy lékařské genetiky. Galén, 2007

Recomended literature:

1. Relichová, J.: Genetika populací. Masarykova univerzita, Brno, 2009

2. Jones, S., van Loon, B.: Genetika. Portál, Praha, 2003

3. Albetrs a kol.: Základy buněčné biologie. Espero Publishing, Praha, 2005

4. Rosypal, S.: Úvod do molekulární biologie. Čtvrté inovované vydání. Brno, 2006. Díl I. 288 s.

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