Law of the EU Electronic Communication

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Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation

Introduction to the subject. Legal adaptation of electronic communication infrastructure (networks and services) in the European community. The European Union as a main pole of European economic prosperity. The European Union - basic terms. Primary law, secondary law, tertiary law. The European Agreement (announcement of the Foreign Office No 7/1995 of Col.). Convergence of the Czech law with the European community law. The Community law in the area of electronic communication infrastructure (networks and services). Liberalization of telecommunication services sector. History of legal rule frame for telecommunication area („Regulation frame 1998“). Regulation rules collection 1998 - state, range, observance. Revision of the Regulation rules collection of the Community in the telecommunication area in 1999. Regular appreciating reports (analysis). A project of a new electronic communication regulation frame. „Liberalization“ and „frame“ standards. Regulation and regulator position. Licence and general permission. Access and interconnecting. Universal service. User rights protection. Tariffs. Rare sources. Frequency spectrum management. Numbering plans. Access right. Protection of personal data and privacy in electronic communication services. Unlimited access to local networks lines. Competition protection. The state of the EC right in the telecommunication area - other perspectives and development, general trends. Additional legal specifications (medial area, competition protection, intellectual ownership protection). Community and information society. A lecture and forum with a representative of the General management for information society of the European commission (optionally Delegation of European commission in Prague) and experts from practise. Alternative - visit of some enterprise providing electronic communication services in a liberalized competition environment. Comparison of telecommunication sector state in the CZ and EU. International cooperation. Enterprise map in the CZ. Other prospective. Alternative - forum with a CTÚ and some association general representative. Summary and conclusion.

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