Technology and Operation of Nuclear Installations

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Tomáš Bílý (guarantor), Ľubomír Sklenka
Tomáš Bílý (guarantor), Ľubomír Sklenka
Department of Nuclear Reactors

The course is focused on the design and operation of nuclear facilities of various types (current and future). The given perspective reflects the needs of Nuclear Safety, Security and Forensics students. Technical information is aimed at support the understanding of nuclear safety and security of nuclear installations. Thus, the focus is put also on the nuclear fuel and fuel management in various types of nuclear facilities.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Definition and classifications of nuclear facilities, utilisation of nuclear facilities, nuclear energy in the world

2. Nuclear power reactor and its parts: fuel assemblies, reactor core, reactor control system, nuclear power plant, heat removal system, safety systems, containment, evolution of nuclear power plants, division of reactors into four generations, permanently shut down reactors

3. Types of nuclear reactors, nuclear fuels and their operation, Online and offline refuelling

4. Selected types of gen. III / III + reactors

5. Generation IV reactors

6. Small and modular reactors

7. Characteristics of fresh and spent fuel of different types of nuclear reactors - isotopic composition of fresh and spent fuel, properties of significant isotopes, plutonium and uranium breeding in nuclear reactors through U-Pu and Th-U cycles

8. Nuclear fuel management at a nuclear power plant - storage of fresh fuel, storage of spent fuel - storage pools, localisation of these parts within the nuclear power plant and its relation to nuclear safety, dry and wet intermediate storage

9. Research reactors: design, operation, utilisation, fuel management

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Kelly J. E.: “Generation IV International Forum: A decade of progress through international cooperation”, Progress in Nuclear Energy 77, 2014, 240-246

Cacuci D. G.: „Handbook of Nuclear Engineering: vol. 4: Reactors of Generations III and IV”, 2010, ISBN 978-0-387-98130-7

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