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F7PMIPBF-N Z,ZK 4 2P+2C Czech
Petr Písařík (guarantor), Jan Mikšovský (guarantor), Jan Remsa (guarantor)
Petr Písařík (guarantor), Jan Mikšovský (guarantor), Jan Remsa (guarantor)
Department of Natural Sciences

Overview of principles and applications in interdisciplinary region connecting disciplines of physics, optics and biology. Interaction of optical radiation with matter, with tissue, basics of biology, photobiology, bioimaging, microscopy, basics of lasers, laser safety, optical biosensors, nanotechnology for biophotonics.


Assesment : active participation on the solution of exercises.

Examination : fulfilment of requirements for assesment, knowledge covering contect of the course.

Syllabus of lectures:

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Fundamentals of light and matter: light-wave, photons, nature of light, dual character of light, wave and ray optics, elmg. spectrum, refractive index, light propagation, linear and circular polarization, phase and group velocity, diffraction, interference, coherence, Michalson interferometer, interference, Young's experiment, diffraction

2. Laser, koh. and incoherent sources, Bohr model, energy levels, calculation, spontaneous and stimulated emission, laser excitation, 3 level model, principle of laser operation, which consists of laser, resonator, electric and magnetic wave, polarization, Brewster angle, laser division. Laser modes, divergence, focusing, Q-switching, trace size

3. Phototherapy, Safety of work with lasers - test

4. Interactions I. Snell's laws, reflectance, reflection at different interfaces, refraction, critical angle, total reflection, Fressnel formulas. Transmission, scattering, concepts, transmittance of various optical materials. Absorption, Lambert's law, absorption coefficient, absorption coefficient, with concentration, absorbance, extinction, transmittance x absorbance, remarks, determination of abs. constants from transmission measurements, fluorescence, Jablonsky diagram, variance Mie, Rayleigh, Brillouen.

5. Interaction II. Interaction of radiation with tissues. coefficient per wave. length, DNA absorbance, penetration depth, dynamic properties of tissues, decomposition, photoablation, diff. Excimer with tissue, excimer in medicine and biology, eye, heart, oncology, PDT, dermatology

6. Heat conduction in matter and tissue

7. Microscopy. Optical microscope, numerical aperture, confocal, fluorescent. Morphology, SEM, STM, SNOM, AFM, TEM, SPM

8. Thin films and sensors, Optical biosensors, definition, QWLS, SERS, SPR, EWF, interferometric, grating, res. mirror, surface plasma resonance, TIRF, application of biosensors

9. Biomaterials, implants, dental prostheses, HA, DLC. Nanomaterials and nanomedicine, bionanophotonics, nanoparticles, nanoprobes

10. Thin layers in medicine

11.Tweezers-optical cell manipulation, PDT, tomography, CT, phototherapy, cytometry, application of lasers in medicine

12. Radiometry, photometry, dosimetry, luminosity, luminous flux, radiant flux, detection of optical radiation

13. Spectroscopy. AA spectroscopy, FTIR, IR spectroscopy, constraints, FTIR, Michelson interferometer,

14. Conclusion

Syllabus of tutorials:


Microscopy of tissue.

Spectroscopy analysis of thin biocompatible films.

X-Ray tomography.

Interaction of optics irradiation with tissue.

Laboratory classes:

- Interaction of optics irradation with tissue

- Tension in thin films

- Young's modulus

- Wave theory of light

- Spectrometric measurements of concentration

- Study of photocatalytic surfaces.

Study Objective:

To present basic principles of photonics, basic principles of interaction of optical radiation with tissue and to explain frequent applications of photonics in medicine.

Overview of principles and applications in the interdisciplinary sphere, connecting physics, optics and biology. Interaction of laser radiation with matter, interaction of radiation with tissue, biology basics, photobiology, bioimaging, basics of lasers, laser safety, optical biosensors, photodynamical therapy, optical manipulation with cells, nanotechnology for biophotonics, biomaterials for photonics.

Study materials:

[1] Prasad P.N.: Introduction to Biophotonics. Wiley-InterScience 2004.

[2] Vymětalová V.: Laboratorní cvičení z biologie. VŠCHT Praha 2001.

[3] Základy fotoniky, svazek 1-4. Bahaa E. A. Saleh, Malvin Carl Teich. Vyd. MATFYZPRESS, 1994, Praha.

[4] Paras N. Prasad : Nanophotonics. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2004.

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