Advanced Experimental Neutron Physics

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17PENF KZ 4 1P+3L Czech
Ondřej Huml (guarantor)
Ondřej Huml (guarantor)
Department of Nuclear Reactors

Practical exercises with non-reactor neutron sources, neutron detection, determination of basic properties of radionuclide neutron sources (AmBe, Cf252), neutron spectrometry using Boner spheres and scintillation detectors, neutron beam attenuation by various materials, acceleration based neutron sources (D-D, D-T generators), properties of photoneutron sources, neutron dosimetry, neutron activation analysis, and more.

Syllabus of lectures:

Lectures providing theoretical introduction to all practical tasks: students will be introduced to the basic theory and lit-erature used in subsequent practical tasks. A briefing will be conducted to work safely with neutron sources and students will be divided into work groups.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Detection of neutrons - basic types of neutron detectors (gas, scintillation, semiconductor), their setting and configu-ration, determination of operating parameters

2.Determination of basic properties of radionuclide neutron sources - determination of emission rate and anisotropy of AmBe and Cf252 neutron sources

3.Operation of neutron generators based on D-D or D-T reaction

4.Neutron spectrometry using Boner spheres with gas detector

5.Fast neutron spectrometry using scintillation detectors based on recoiled nuclei

6.Neutron dosimetry - determination of dose rates from different neutron sources

7.Shielding and attenuation of neutron beams using different materials

8.Comparison of photoneutron sources properties based on various gamma sources and conversion materials

9.Neutron activation analysis with non-reactor neutron sources

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Key references:

[1]Lamarsh J.R., Baratta A.J.: Introduction to Nuclear Engineering. Londýn: Pearson, 2017. ISBN 978-0134570051

[2]Beckurts K. H., Wirtz K.: Neutron Physics, Springer Science & Business Media, 2013, ISBN 978-36-42-87614-1

[3]Knoll G. F.: Radiation Detection and Measurement. 4th ed., New York: Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2012, 860 s. ISBN 978-1-118-02691-5

Recommended references:

[4]Valkovic V.: 14 MeV Neutrons: Physics and Applications, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2015, ISBN 978-14-82-23800-6

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