Nuclear Safety

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17JABE ZK 5 4P Czech
Lenka Frýbortová (guarantor)
Department of Nuclear Reactors

The course gives information about basic requirements for safety assessment of nuclear facilities. New knowledge is connected with information get from other courses focussed on reactor physics, reactor thermomechanics and dynamics. During lectures are discussed principles of defence in depth, deterministic and probabilistic safety assessment, accidents with loss of coolant, and accidents with positive reactivity and criticality. Next part of the course follows up use of operation experiences and lessons learned from important events. The last part is focussed on safety aspect of operation of different types of reactors and their comparison to PWR and safety aspects of operation of research reactors.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Basic overview (1 lecture)

2.Defence in depth (2 lectures)

3.Different approach to safety assessment of nuclear facilities (4 lectures)

4.Human factor (1 lecture)

5.Loss of coolant accidents - LOCA and severe accidents with fuel melting (2 lectures)

6.Criticality accidents (Criticality safety) (1 lecture)

7.Use of operation experience (2 lectures)

8.Classification of events on nuclear facilities (1 lecture)

9.Analysis of some events on nuclear facilities (5 lectures)

10.Safety aspects of non-PWR reactors operation (3 lectures)

11.Safety aspects of research reactors operation (2 lectures)

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Key references:

[1]Lamarsh J.R., Baratta A.J.: Introduction to Nuclear Engineering. London: Pearson, 2017. ISBN 978-0134570051

[2]IAEA: IAEA Safety Standards - Safety of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities, IAEA, Vienna, 2017, ISBN:978-92-0-103917-0

Recommended references:

[3]IAEA: IAEA Safety Standards - Safety Assessment for Facilities and Activities, IAEA, Vienna, 2016, ISBN:978-92-0-109115-4

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