Theory and Behaviour of Hydraulic Structures

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D42TCK_EN ZK 1P+1C English
Ladislav Satrapa (guarantor)
Department of Hydraulic Structures

Introductory part of the study deals with the interpretation of loads – actions (water, weights, temperature changes, loads of soils and rocks, seismic actions, another internal forces etc) - and corresponding reactions of structures. The next area of the study is focused on the behaviour of massive structures and corresponding parts of foundation because of the broad application of different massive structures in a water management construction. In detail are studied soil structures, rockfills, concrete and steel structures. As well vibrations are studied because of frequent action of vibrations induced by hydraulic effects at water structures and seismicity, and corresponding dynamic loads, stresses and fatigue. The modelling technologies for the back analysis and for the prediction of the behaviour of structures will be presented including the problem formulation and initial and boundary conditions description. Examples of linear, plane and space problems will be demonstrated. Application of the theory of reliability to structures for water management will be explained.

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Obligatory literature:

•Vischer D.L., Hager W.H.: Dam Hydraulics. John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1998. 316 s. ISBN 0 471 97289 4

•Fell R., MacGregor P., Stapledon D., Bell G.: Geotechnical Engineering of Dams. A.A. Balkema Publishers Leiden, 2005. 912 s. ISBN 04 1536 440 x

•Saxena K.R., Sharma V.M.:Dams Incidents and Accidents. Taylor & Francis, 2005. 228 s. ISBN 90-5809-701-3

Optional literature:

•users manuals and instructions of measuring and monitoring equipments

•Hartford D., Beacher G.: Risk and uncertainty in dam safety. London: Thomas Telford Publishing, 2004.391 s. ISBN 0-7277-3270-6

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