Measurement and Modelling of Geotechnical Structures I

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D32MMG1_EN ZK 1P+1C English
Michal Šejnoha (guarantor)
Department of Mechanics

The course is devoted to the measurements and modeling of basic laboratory tests using the finite element method. Attention is concentrated on the description of nonlinear response of soil with the help of traditional material models. Knowledge gained from the modeling of simple laboratory tests will be exploited in the analysis of selected geotechnical structures. All numerical simulations will be performed employing the GEO5 FEM software package.

Topics covered in individual lectures:

1. week: Material behavior at a material point, stress-strain relationship, modulus of elasticity, Poisson number, bulk modulus, oedometric modulus, invariants of stress and strain tensors, plastic strain.

2. week: Introduction to theory of plasticity, yield surface, stress return mapping, Mohr-Coulomb model.

3. week: Laboratory – running oedometric test.

4. week: General stiffness method, introduction to FEM – application to beams.

5. week: Laboratory – running simple shear test.

6. week: Selected plasticity models - Drucker-Prager model, Cam-clay model.

7. week: Finite elements – three-noded triangle, linear FEM models.

8. week: Solution of nonlinear problems in FEM, Newton-Raphson method.

9. week: Formulation of numerical model of oedometric and triaxial laboratory test.

10. week: Models of simple geotechnical structures (excavation of construction ditch, sheeting and retaining walls, slope stability analysis).

11. week: Laboratory – completing all measurements, removing samples from laboratory devices, evaluating collected data.

12. week: Calibrating material models based on the measured data and data available in literature.

13. week: Course evaluation

Syllabus of lectures:
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Study Objective:
Study materials:

D. M. Potts and L. Zdravkovic, Finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering, application. Thomas Telford Publishing, 2001.

D. M. Potts and L. Zdravkovic, Finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering, theory. Thomas Telford Publishing, 1999.

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