Experimental Examination of Materials and Structures Used in Transport Structures

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Petr Mondschein, Jan Valentin (guarantor), František Luxemburk
Petr Mondschein, Jan Valentin (guarantor), František Luxemburk
Department of Road Structures

Témata seminářů s tematicky zaměřenými přednáškami:

•Approaches and testing for evaluation of advanced aggregate characteristics (incl. fine particles and fillers)

•Principles of mix design and assessment of mixtures in hydraulic binders and cold recycled mixtures

•Bituminous binders and approaches in advanced testing (performance-based testing, functional approach for evaluation, rheological models)

•Utilization of rheological testing of bituminous binders by dynamic shear rheometer (DSR)

•Measurement of technical characteristic and properties by applying DSR in case of bituminous binders (stiffness, fatigue, creep) and MSCR test

•Design and composition of compacted asphalt mixtures and mastic asphalt including their material characteristics

•Functional testing of asphalt mixtures – principles, advantages and the fundamentals for composite characterization

•Pavement cement concrete (resistance to cycling effects of water and frost, thixotrophy etc.)

Laboratorní praktika:

•Fundamental tests for bituminous binders including dynamic viscosity and force duktility

•Testing on dynamic shear rheometer

•Testing on bending beam rheometer, including artificial laboratory ageing of bituminous binders

•Dynamic performance-based tests executed on universal testers (stiffness, creep, fatigue, dynamic modules, etc.)

•Practice of design and optimization (mix composition) for composites using bituminous or hydraulic binders foreseen for road structures

•Execution of defined laboratory tasks with focus on determination of advanced bitumen and asphalt mix characteristics or properties related to pavement mixtures bond by hydraulic binders

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