Stainless Steel and Aluminium Structures

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134SALS Z,ZK 2 1P+1C English
Michal Jandera (guarantor)
Michal Jandera (guarantor)
Department of Steel and Timber Structures

Subject covers two parts: the first concerns design of structures from aluminium alloys, the second deals with stainless steel structures.

The first part covers introduction and practice in designing of aluminium structures.

The second part covers evolution of stainless steel materials/structures and examples of realized structures. Stainless steels suitable for structures are described in a detail, including their properties. Dissimilarities in assessments of members under common loadings with respect to low-carbon steels is described for both ultimate and serviceability limit states. In the end the possibilities concerning connections of stainless steel members, erection and installation of stainless steel members are described.


Basic knowledge of steel structure design.

Syllabus of lectures:

First part: 1. Introduction, examples of application, material, and marks of aluminium alloys. 2. Heated affected zones, compression, bending. 3. Bolted, welded and glued connections. Second part: 1. Introduction, realization of stainless steel structures. 2. Materials and their properties. 3. Dissimilarities in assessment of members from stainless steel and low carbon steels. Serviceability limit states, tension, compression. 4. Design of stainless steel members in bending. 5. Connection of members from stainless steel. 6. Erection and installation of stainless steel structures and members.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Design of an aluminium truss. 2. Design of an aluminium beam. 3. Design of a stainless steel column with I cross section. 4. Design of chords of a stainless steel triangular girder.

Study Objective:

Ability to design load-bearing structures from aluminium alloys and stainless steel.

Study materials:

Dwight J.: Aluminium design and construction, Spon, New York, 1999.

Bulson P. S.: Aluminium Structural Analysis, Elsevier, London, 1992.

Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel. Euro Inox and The Steel Construction Institute, 2006.

Euro-Inox: http://www.euro-inox.org/.

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