Equipment of Nuclear Power Plants

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17ZAJE ZK 3 3P Czech
Dušan Kobylka
Dušan Kobylka
Department of Nuclear Reactors

The aim of the subject is to familiarize students with essential machine equipment on different types of nuclear power plants, which are in contact with radioactive isotopes and which can be contaminated during operation and accidents. For example: pipes, valves and fittings, pumps, steam turbines, pressurizer systems, heat exchangers and above all steam generators. Part of the subject is also the description of safety and emergency systems (hydroaccumulators, systems for containment pressure reduction, etc.). Lectures are focused on descriptions of parameters, designs and materials of real devices which are in operation on different nuclear power plants. Students receive knowledge what is important for decommissioning, for communication with colleagues on nuclear power plants and also for practical life.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Nuclear power plant and its elemental parts, heat balance diagrams of nuclear power plants, types of nuclear power plants, disposition of nuclear power plant. (1 lecture)

2. Pipes, valves and fittings in nuclear power plants: standardization, classification, unique pipes in nuclear power plant, valves and fitting types a description of typical valves and fittings in nuclear power plant. (1 lecture)

3. Pumps and blowers: Pumps classification, operation principle and main features of miscellaneous pumps types, typical construction features of pumps, description of the most important pumps in nuclear power plant: primary circulation pumps, feed pumps, condensate pumps, others pumps, pumps for liquid metals, components and a subsystems of pumps. Blowers classification and typical construction features of blowers. (2 lectures)

4. Steam turbines: operation principle and basic construction, steam turbines classification, description of turbine construction, description of turbine components (seals, bearings, etc.), saturated steam turbines: unique features, humidity separation and reheating of steam, control devices for steam turbines, detailed description of typical steam turbines for nuclear power plants. (2 lectures)

5. Pressurizer systems of primary circuit: types of pressurizers and their construction, connection and construction of pressurizer subsystems (electrical heaters, letdown condenser, etc.). (1 lecture)

6. Heat exchangers: classification and construction, reheaters and description of reheaters, description and construction of regenerative heat exchangers, deaerators, condensers. (2 lectures)

7. Steam generators: steam generators in heat schemes, classification of steam generators, horizontal steam generators of VVER 440 a VVER 1000 systems, vertical steam generators, steam generators in nuclear power plants with gas cooled and fast reactors. (3 lectures)

8. Safety systems: hydroaccumulators, emergency core cooling system, spray cooling system in containment, systems for pressure decreasing. (1 lecture)

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Key References:

1. J. Riznic: Steam Generators for Nuclear Power Plants, 1st Ed., Woodhead Publishing, 2017 ISBN 978-0-08-100894-2

2. S. Kakaç, H. Liu, A. Pramuanjaroenkij: Heat Exchangers: Selection, Rating, and Thermal Design, 3rd Ed., CRC Press, 2012 ISBN 9781439849903

Recommended References:

3. A.S. Leyzerovich: Wet-Steam Turbines for Nuclear Power Plants, PennWell Corporation, 2005 ISBN 1-59370-032-6

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