Fire Safety of Timber and Steel Structures

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134PSDO Z,ZK 6 2P+2C Czech
Department of Steel and Timber Structures

The course deals with the design of steel, concrete, composite steel and timber structures exposed to fire. Teaching is focused on the design of basic examples, calculation by elements.


Knowledge of structural design at ambient temperature, at the bachelor level of studies.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, repetition of basics of thermal and mechanical global analysis at elevated temperature, available software, calculation in fire legislative

2. Steel and concrete material properties at elevated temperature

3. Heat transfer into unprotected elements

4. Steel structures, experiments, desing of elements - classification, tension, compression, bending

5. Composite steel and concrete structues - design of elements - beam, floor

6. Composite steel and concrete structues - design of elements - column, slim-floor structure

7. Robbustnes, collapse of WTC1,2,7; Connections of structures at elevated temperatures

8. Partially and fully protected elements - experiments, modelling, software analysis

9. Alluminium structures -properties of material, heat transfer, classification, design of elements

10. Basics of timber charing, burning, change of physical and mechanical properties, degradation of timber structures due to fire

11. Design of timber structures at elevated temperatures

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Design of steel beam, calculation of critical temperature, fire resistance based on charts

2. Calculation of gas temperature in a fire compartment (standard temp. curve, parametric temp. curve), calculation of fire resistance of beam encased into concrete floor, heat transfer by the aid of incremental method.

3. Evaluation of fire resistance of compressed column, design of fire protection.

4. Design of composite steel and concrete beam, protected or unprotected.

5. Design of timber beam and timber column for required fire resistance.

6. Design of a timber joint with mechanical connection for a given fire resistance.

Study Objective:

Learn the basics of designing steel, composite steel and concrete and timber structures exposed to fire.

Study materials:

! Zoufal R. a kol.: Hodnoty požární odolnosti stavebních konstrukcí podle Eurokódů, PAVUS, Praha 2009, ISBN 978-80-904481-0-0.

! Wald F. a kol.: Výpočet požární odolnosti stavebních konstrukcí, České vysoké učení technické v Praze, Praha 2005, 336 s., ISBN 80-0103157-8.

! Buchanan A. H., Abu K.A., Structural Design for Fire Safety, Second Edition, John Wiley and Sons, Chichester 2017.

: Vassart O., Cajot L.G., Brasseur M., Strejček M.: Tepelná a mechanická zatížení, Difisek+, RFS-P2-06065, 2008, ČVUT v Praze.

: Franssen J. M., Zaharia R., Design of Steel Structures Subjected to Fire, Background and Design Guide to Eurocode 3, University Liège, 2005

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