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125TBUE Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
Department of Microenviromental and Building Services Engineering

Basic course in building services systems - water supply, drainage, gas supply , heating and ventilation systems.


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Syllabus of lectures:

1.Typology, Principle Of Building Drainage,

Sewage,Classification, Quality Criterion, Parts Of Building

Drainage, Terminology, Plumbing Fixtures, Traps, Building Drainage


2. Building Drainage Piping Requirements On Pipe And Fittings,

Piping Materials Joints In Drainage Systems, Drainage System

Components, Pipe Size, Fittings,Applied Hydraulics, Flow Of Water,

Degree Of Fullness Of Flow, Fixture Branch Drain, Design Of

Fixture Branch, Materials, Sizing, Examples

3. Draining Of The Underground Fixtures, Zoning Of The Building,

Repumping Of The Sewage, Backwater Protection,Building Sewer,

Cesspool,Public Sewer Systems, Sewage Systems, Basic Principles Of

Sewage Disposal

4. Principle Of The Water Supply, Water Sources, Water, Water

Quality And Methods Of Water Treatment, Classification Of The

Water, Methods Of Water Treatment, Water Demand, Design Flow,

Water Supply Systems In Buildings , Basic Principle Of Water

Supply In The Buildings

5. Water Supply In high-rise Buildings, Water Pressure In

Domestic Water Distribution Systems, Protecting Water Supply

Systems, Fire Sprinkler And Standpipe Systems

6. Gas Utilisation Equipment, Classification, Space Requirements,

Chimneys For Gas Equipment, Natural Flow, Boosted Flow, Common

Chimney , Draught Diverter,Gas Meters, Normal Volume Of Gas,

7. Gas supply systems domestic and industrial, Piping Components

, Materials For Gas Piping In Buildings, Gas Pressure Regulators,

Shutoff Valves, Gas Demand - Maximum, Reduced, , Sizing Of The

Gas Supply

8. Indoor environment.Applied thermomechanics,Heat loss and

energy performance calculations????

9. Space heating design principles, Heat Emitters, Underfloor

heating,Ceiling Heating, Radiant Heating

10. Water Heating Systems, Two-pipe, One-pipe Systems, Air-heating


11. Heat Sources. Boiler plants - Gas. Solid, Liquid Fuel,Heat

Exchangers, District Heating, Electric Heating

12. Renewable sources, Biomass, Solar Enregy, Combined Heat and

Power Plants

13. Central ventilation systém. Residential ventilation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1 Introduction, Building drainage

2 Building drainage

3 Building drainage

4 Water supply

5 Water supply

6 Gas supply

7 Heating, Heat losses, Heat Emitters

8 Heating system geometry design

9 Heating system sizing

10 Desing on hot water tank

11 Design of boiler plant

12 Consultations

13 Consultations and credit

Study Objective:

Student learn basics of sewer, water and gas supply , heating and ventilation systems. Acquire basement of system design also.

Study materials:

! Kabele a kolektiv.: Energetické a ekologické systémy budov 1 ČVUT 2005, ISBN 978-80-01-03327-2

! Kabele, Kabrhel, Koubková ,Urban, Musil : Technická zařízení budov - Vytápění - podklady pro cvičení, ČVUT 2013, ISBN 978-80-01-05203-7

! Papež K.,Vyoralová Z., Marková L., Garlík B., Jokl M. Energetické a ekologické systémy budov 2. Vzduchotechnika, chlazení, elektroinstalace, umělé osvětlení. Fakulta stavební, 1. vydání, únor 2007, ISBN 978-80-01-03622-8

?Valášek, Jaroslav a kol.: Zdravotnětechnická zařízení budov, Jaga 2006, ISBN 80-8076-038-1

? Petráš, Dušan a kol.:Vytápění rodinných a bytových domů, Jaga 2005, ISBN 80-8076-020-9

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