Computer Arithmetic

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MIE-ARI Z,ZK 4 2+1
Pavel Kubalík (guarantor)
Pavel Kubalík (guarantor)
Department of Digital Design

Students will learn various data representations used in digital devices and will be able to design units realizing arithmetic operations.


Design of combinational and sequential logic circuits at the gate level.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Number systems and its classification, addition in binary system.

2. Negative number representation, addition and subtraction.

3. Operation shift and circuit realization, module format extension and serial multipliers.

4. Parallel multipliers.

5. Division I. - basic principles and circuit realization.

6. Divison II. - Other possibilities.

7. Floating point.

8. Unconventional number systems.

9. Decimal codes.

10. Square and iteration methods.

11. Method CORDIC and its application.

12. Determining the values of the logarithm and exponential.

13. Spare lecture.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Unconventional application of number systems.

2. Sign numbers representation and design of adders and subtractors.

3. Multiplier unit realization.

4. Test.

5. Realization of floating point operations.

6. Operations used in non-standard number systems.

7. Spare seminar, assessment.

Study Objective:

Circuits realizing arithmetic operations belong to fundamental components of computers and digital devices in general. In the module, algorithms for basic and advanced arithmetic operations will be presented that are suitable especially to be implemented using logic circuits.

Study materials:

1. Parhami, B.: Computer Arithmetic: Algorithms and Hardware Designs (2nd edition). Oxford, University Press 2010. ISBN 9780195328486.

2. Koren, I.: Computer Arithmetic Algorithms, 2nd Edition. A. K. Peters 2001. ISBN 1568811608.

3. Muller, J. M.: Elementary Functions: Algorithms and Implementation, 2nd Edition. Boston, Birkhäuser 2005. ISBN 0817643729. Pluháček, A.: Projektování logiky počítačů, 2. vyd. Praha, ČVUT 2000. ISBN 8001021459.

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