Digital Audio and Video Broadcasting

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BE2M37DTR Z,ZK 5 2p+2l English
Department of Radioelectronics

The subject makes students familiar with topics related to video and audio transmission. Described are methods of data stream creation, methods of source and channel coding, error correction principles and modulation formats. Attention is paid to transmission systems standards with regard to transmission channel properties. The subject also deals with multimedia data services and with measurement in transmission systems.


Fundamental knowledge in the field of signal processing (especially audio and video). Fundamental knowledge in the field of wireless communication (modulation, radio components, systems).

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Overview of video broadcasting systems developments. Fundamental specifications of digital audio and video broadcasting systems.

2. Audio and video information content.

3. Overview of audio broadcasting systems developments, stereo broadcasting.

4. Video source coding methods.

5. Audio source coding methods. Program stream multiplex and transport stream multiplex.

6. Fundamentals of signal transmission, basic properties of transmission channel.

7. Error protection in digital audio and video broadcasting systems, convolutional and block codes, multilevel protection.

8. Modulation techniques in digital audio and video broadcasting systems. Single frequency network.

9. Modern standards of digital audio and video broadcasting.

10. Audio video signal quality assessment.

11. Data services in digital audio and video broadcasting systems.

12. Infotainment.

13. Video streaming. IPTV.

14. Alternate term.

Syllabus of tutorials:


1. Source processing of audio and video signals.

2. Signal sampling and reconstruction. Audio and video broadcasting systems.


3. Introduction to laboratory, occupational health and safety.

4. Signal sampling and reconstruction, sampling theorem.

5. Measurement of audio signal loudness.

6. Measurement on stereo coder for audio broadcasting.

7. Analysis of transport stream multiplex of digital video broadcasting.

8. Measurement on digital video broadcasting system with a test receiver.

9. Dynamic processing of audio signal.

10. Measurement on transmitter of digital video broadcasting.

11. Quality assessment of television image in digital video broadcasting system.

12. Measurement of bit error ratio and video quality of digital video broadcasting system.

13. Alternate term.

14. Assessment.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. FISCHER, W. Digital Video and Audio Broadcasting Technology. Heidelberg: Springer, 2010. 811 s. ISBN 978-3-642-11611-7

2. REIMERS, U. DVB: the family of international standards for digital video broadcasting. 2nd ed. Berlin: Springer, 2005. ISBN 354043545X.

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