English language B1-2

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B6B04B12 Z 0 2s
Department of Languages

Course objective: Broadening the basic knowledge of general English; mastering basic specialised language; focusing on text analysis and vocabulary expansion; understanding spoken English.

Syllabus of lectures:


Summer Term 2015

Literature: English Grammar Set ( http:// jazyky.feld.cvut.cz)

Recommended: English Grammar in Use, Raymond Murphy

E.G. in Use supplementary exercises, Murphy & Naylor

7 additional technical texts (http:// jazyky.feld.cvut.cz)

Students MUST work independently on all technical texts prior to when it is stated in the syllabus.

Week 1 Introduction, General Information

Revision: text CTU from the winter semester

G - Forms Expressing Future

Week 2 E - commerce

G - 1st and 2nd conditional with modals

HW: Revision: mathematical expressions

Week 3 Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

G - Passive in all tenses

Week 4 Green IT

G - Verbs with suffix -ise /-ize

Week 5 Revision for the Midterm Test

G - Present Perf. Continuous

Week 6 Midterm Test (35-45 min)

Midterm Test Correction

Week 7 Waste Recycling Plant

G - Phrasal verbs with on and off (they are included in TT4)

G - Reported speech + Sequence of tenses

Week 8 Writing a C.V. - requirements, Cover Letter (teacher's own materials)

G - Reported speech + Sequence of tenses (continued)

Week 9 Geothermal Energy

G - Relative Clauses defining and non-defining

Week 10 Telecommunications

G - Modals and Adverbs, Expressing probability, possibility and necessity

Week 11 G - Remaining exercises from the grammar packet

Week 12 Revision for the Final Test

Week 13 Final Term Test (90 min)

Week 14 Final Test Checking, Credits


***NOTE: Teachers are invited to supplement or omit any exercises and assignments according to their group level.

Requirements for „zápočet“:A student is due to write two tests and get 70% of total points at minimum for each. A student is supposed to work actively during classes and work independently on home assignments.

Requirements will be specified by each teacher during the first class of the term.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Course objective: to deepen and widen basic knowledge of common language and provide students with basic knowledge of technical English. Listening: Longer narration and description, working with the obtained information. Reading: Technical texts, newspaper articles, working with the obtained information. Skimming through the articles. Speaking: Common and technical topics: jobs, shopping, leisure time activities, culture, film reviews, water pollution, waste recycling, geothermal energy, information technology and e-commerce, telecommunications.Writing: Letter of application, CV. Grammar: Present perfect and past perfect tenses, the passive voice in all tenses, modal verbs in all forms, word formation, present and past conditional mode, conditional sentences, phrasal verbs, present and past participles, relative clauses defining and non-defining, sequence of tenses, indirect speech.

Study materials:

[1] Materials of K 13104 - see http://jazyky.feld.cvut.cz

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