Computing in Construction Management

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126PPR1 Z,ZK 7 2P+4C Czech
Department of Construction Management and Economics

In the frame of the course the students create model of typical construction proces or production proces. Alternatively participants create a degradation model of ageing. The students use mathematical/simulation method KSIM - MDM (Modified Dynamic Model). Next students create management strategy for the degradation model and production process. They can use internal interaction, external intervention, manager's decisions, reporting. The model is created in the VBA of the MS Excel. The scheme of the course is also oriented on simulation methods applied for managing and technological processes. The goal is also improvement in offices application using and advanced techniques of using.


Basic using MS Office programs, especially MS Excel, MS Powerpoint.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Dynamic procesess in management (Definition)

2. Risk procesess and its creation, terminology

2a. 4Projects - web based collaborative software, basic using

3. Decision Support System

4. Decision Support System Creation

5. Reporting as a Part of DSS

6. Change Management

7. Production performance management

8. Dynamic model (general overview)

9. Decision support in the dynamic model

10. Recapitulation of the basic topic

Syllabus of tutorials:


1. Basic data processing (statistic, mathematic)

2. Izolated dynamic process

3. Simulation and evaluation of the seslected process

4. DSS creation (production process)

5. Reporting (report creation in the frame of DSS)

6. Sensitivity analysis, scenarios manager

7. Decision making on the base KPI

8. Graphical report of simulation

a. Building object definition.

b. Dynamic ageing model - basic description.

c. Data gathering for the model structure creation.

d. Model structure creation.

e. Model solver creation.

f. Model solver debugging.

g. Management intervention definition.

h. Management intervention application.

i. Model change structure definition/application.

j. Model change structure evaluation.

Study Objective:

The goal of the course is presentation of the simulation possibilities in the frame of the speadsheet. The next goal is validation process of the manager's decisions. The final influences of the interventions cannot be clearly at the project beginning. We can use Modified Dynamic Model for the manager's strategy verification. In the frame of the solution is cretion of the manager's strategy including final evaluation.

Study materials:

1. Dlask, P., Modelování při řízení. Praha : Wolters Kluwer, 2011, s. 175.

2. Beran, V. a kol. Dynamický harmonogram. Praha : Academia, 2002, s. 172.

3. Beran, Dlask, Heralová: Ekonomika a management, skripta ČVUT, Praha,

4. Beran, V., Dlask, P. Management udržitelného rozvoje regionů, sídel a obcí. Praha : Academia, 2005, s. 256.

5. Kersten, E. ed. Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Development, Kluwer Academic Publisher, 2000.

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