Individual Summer Practice II

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
17PBZIPP2 Z 2 280XH Czech
Enrollement in the course requires an successful completion of the following courses:
Anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care I (17PBZARI1)
Individual Summer Practice I (17PBZIPP1)
Emergency Medicine I. (17PBZUM1)
Pavel Böhm (guarantor), Martina Dingová Šliková
Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The course is based on the Decree No. 424/2004 Coll. That the activities of health workers and other professionals.

Practice will take place in a block of four weeks during the holidays at the end of second year.

The aim is to gain practical skills and knowledge in pre-hospital emergency care in situations characteristic of the ur-gent, war medicine and emergency situations in cooperation with the components of the integrated rescue system, in briefings to provide general first aid, including mentoring at a distance, the driving, navigation additional knowledge and skills.


Valid vaccination against hepatitis B, completed health and safety, 100% attendance, absence is to be replaced at a different time, a certificate completed professional practice in the daily records relevant department.

Syllabus of lectures:


Syllabus of tutorials:

Safe extrication, positioning, immobilization and transport of patients

Addressing the consequences of mass casualties in the Integrated Rescue System

Emergency resuscitation using manual respirators, including cardiac defibrillation

Airway - alternative methods

Assistance with child birth

Operation and maintenance of EMS vehicles

Study Objective:

The goal is to acquire skills and knowledge of students in pre-hospital emergency care in situations charakteristickkých for urgent medical war and crisis situations in conjunction with the beds of the integrated rescue system, to provide briefings on general first aid, including mentoring at a distance, in driving, navigation and other knowledge and skills.

Study materials:

[1] ADAMS,B., HEROLD, C.E.: Sestra a akutní stavy od A do Z. Praha: Grada Publising, 1999.

[2] BYDZOVSKY,J.: Akutní stavy v kontextu. Praha: Triton, 2008.

[3] CVACHOVEC, K.: Novinky v anesteziologii, intenzivní medicíne a lécbe bolesti 2005. Galén: 2005.

[4] DRABKOVA, J.: Polytrauma v intenzivní medicíne. Praha: Grada, 2003.

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