Renewable Energy Sources

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125OZE1 ZK 3 2P Czech
Department of Microenviromental and Building Services Engineering

The course deals with renewable energy sources and energy systems in buildings. The various types of energy are discussed in detail - solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydro. Described are the characteristics of energy utilization and appropriate ways.


Basic knowledge of building design, material design, structural systems, building physics.

Syllabus of lectures:

1 Introductory seminar, introduction to problems and schedule, legislation, regulations, situations, renewable resources, usability and availability of resources

2 Solar energy - the use of principle, passive systems

3 Solar energy - active systems fototermické systems, design of solar thermal systems

4 Solar energy - active systems, photovoltaic systems, design of solar photovoltaics

5 Environment, energy and geothermal energy - recovery, heat pumps, types, process design, balancing

6 Geothermal energy - property, recovery, cogeneration - features technology benefits.

7 Biomass - sources, methods of extraction of biomass, biomass processing.

8 Biomass - ways of generating energy from biomass, biomass combustion.

9 Wind energy, water energy - wind turbines, water turbines, wave power - construction equipment, property, energy benefits.

10 Promising sources of energy - fuel cells, solar, wind and water sources, additional sources of energy

11 Energy efficient buildings - examples, properties of objects, design concepts, coordination of systems.

12 Energy efficient buildings - examples, properties of objects, design concepts, coordination of systems.

13 Renewable energy sources - notes

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Graduate is familiar with renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in buildings.

Graduate is familiar with the characteristics of energy resources and is capable systems designed and assessed.

Study materials:

Electronic versions of lectures.

Twiddell, J.: Renewable energy resources

Boyle, G.: Renewable energy

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