Laws When Executing a Construction

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Department of Social Sciences

The main objective of this training is an application of existing laws and statutes above all in the field of building industry, since general legal conscience appears to be on a relatively low level. In the course of this training all students will be given an opportunity to become familiar with the most important laws (especially with Commercial Code) referring to preparation works and executions of construction, furthermore with commercial contractual relations, criminal responsibility of managers and with other laws. Basic information about FIDIC - European Commercial Conditions for construction works within the EU (Red Book of FIDIC - First Edition 1999) Federation International des Ingenieurs - Conseils.

Last but not least Civil Code must be mentioned, as it also regulates a number of executions in the field of construction as well as other relations between particular subjects.

Syllabus of lectures:
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Study Objective:

Giving the students an opportunity to become familiar with the most important laws in order to strengthen a general legal conscience of young generation. An emphasis shall be put especially on body of law as a whole which refers to building construction, fire safety and which seem to be crucial for dutiful discharge of particular function. Most significant legal cases from the field of building construction including procedure analysis shall be presented during this training. A special emphasis shall be put on personal responsibility (in accordance with law) for the results in the field of building construction and its execution.

Study materials:

Novela zákona č. 225/2017 Sb., kterým se mění zákon č. 183/2006 Sb., o územním plánování a stavebním řádu (stavební zákon), ve znění pozdějších předpisů

Zákoník práce - č. 262/2006 Sb.

Zákon o úpadku - Insolvenční zákon č. 182/2006 Sb.

Trestní zákoník - č. 40/2009 Sb. + Trestní řád - č. 141/1961 Sb.

Zákon o požární ochraně - č. 67/ 2001 Sb.

FIDIC - Obchodní podmínky pro stavební práce v rámci EU Red Book

Zákon č. 89/2012 Sb. Zákon občanský zákoník

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