Individual Enterprising

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126YINP Z 2 2P Czech
Department of Construction Management and Economics

The entrepreneur´s personality and reasons of his/her failure. Analysis of chaos causes in SME. An owner of the firm as entrepreneur, manager and „production worker“. Zone of entrepreneur´s capability. A firm as a clear reflection of its owner. Life-cycle of small firms (embryonic state, adolescence, maturity), SME mortality. SME growth and firm development process. Business model and rules of functional model, build-up of enterprise prototype. Protection of intellectual property. Economic potential of small firms in economy. Specification of small enterprising - threats and opportunities on the market. Business environment in the Czech Republic and concept of its development. System of small enterprise support and financial means from EU for SME support. Experience for other countries - Israel, Spain. Forms of SME financing - own property, risk capital, business angels, leasing, banks. Creation of entrepreneurial plan. Enterprising forms (sole trader, legal entity). Firm setting up. Business obligatory relations, problems of taxes and social and health insurance of enterprise.


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Study Objective:

Educate students in entrepreneurship. To teach them business abilities. Support and extend their business thinking. Submit objective and coherent view to SME undertaking. Teach them to avoid mistakes - a cause of SME failure.

Study materials:

Michael E. Gerber: Ppodnikatelský mýtus. ManagementPress 2006.

Frková, J.:Individuální podnikání. 1. vyd. Praha: ČVUT, 2004.

Leo Vodáček - Oĺga Vodáčková: Malé a střední podniky: konkurence a aliance v evropské unii. ManagementPress 2006.

Udo Wupperfeld: Podnikatelský plán pro úspěšný start. ManagementPress 2005.

Jiří Stýblo: Personální řízení v malých a středních podnicích. ManagementPress 2006.

Peter F. Drucker : Drucker na každý den. ManagementPress 2006.

Miloš Toman: Intuitivní marketing. ManagementPress 2006.

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