Enterprise Organization

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126PER Z 3 1P+2C Czech
Department of Construction Management and Economics

The subject is focused on the knowledge and skills from personal management for most of all the future senior managers and executives in enterprises. It also prepares students for their interviews and good adaptation in a company. The content is focused on the knowledge and skills in the area of human resources planning and management and employment policy, recruitment of new workers, selection process - from the point of view of human resources manager and candidate. Assessment centres. Adaptation programmes and description of working place. education strategy and employees development in organizations, role of manager in organization from the human resources management point of view, motivation strategy of human resources management, stimulation incentives to influencing working efficiency, evaluation of employees´ potential and performance and benefits.


No prerequisites.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The goal of subject is to prepare students for their future activities in a position of senior managers, or owners of small firms and at the same time employees from the human resource management point of view. The subject is focused most of all on acquirement of skills and goes in a form of lectures and seminars. Lectures are focused on real examples from practice. Seminars are organized interactively and students have possibilities to train personnel activities on some model situations and group works.

Study materials:

Armstrong, M.: Řízení lidských zdrojů. Praha, Grada 2002 Belcourt, M. - C. Wright, P.: Vzdělávání pracovníků a řízení pracovního výkonu. Praha, Grada 1998 Hroník, F.: Hodnocení pracovníků. Praha, Grada 2006 Hroník, F.: Rozvoj a vzdělávání pracovníků. Praha, Grada 2007 Kahle, B.: Praktická personalistika v otázkách a odpovědích. Praha, Pragoeduca 1997 Koubek, J.: Řízení lidských zdrojů. Praha, Management Press 1997 Mayerová, M. - Růžička, J.: Moderní personální management. Praha, HH 2000.

Stýblo, J.: Moderní personalistika - trendy, inspirace, výzvy. Praha, Grada 1998 Tureckiová, M.: Řízení a rozvoj lidí ve firmách. Praha, Grada 2006

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