Numerical analysis of transport processes 2

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132NTP2 Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
Department of Mechanics

Numerical analysis of transport processes 2 introduces the most popular numerical methods solving stationary and non-stationary heat and moisture transfer in porous media. It covers finite difference method, finite volume method, boundary element method and finite element method. The main attention is paid to finite element method. The main principles are discussed, e.g. Galerkin's method, spatial and time discretisation, various types of finite elements and approximation functions, numerical integration. Students will practise simple benchmarks and computer implementation.


No prerequisites.

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Study Objective:

The third level is the goal of study. Students will be able to apply their knowledges in finite element method in practical problems of heat and moisture transfer. The output of the course is a short PC program based on finite element method. This program will be used for simulation of heat transfer throughout an external wall of a real building.

Study materials:

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