Foundations 2

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Department of Geotechnics

Advanced design approaches for selected types of foundation pits and footings, design based on soil - structure interaction.


Geology, Soil Mechanics, Foundation of Structures - basic course

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, design considerations of selected structures, principles of computer codes application

2. Examples of geotechnical constructions and potential risk identification

3. Eurocode 7: Principles for geotechnical design and worked examples

4. Piles I. - action of combined loads (rigid / flexible pile)

5. Piles II. - pile group

6. Footing slab I. - design with respect to soil - structure interaction

7. Footing slab II. - piled raft, example and discussion

8. Foundation pit design, sloped / sheeted foundation pit, de-watering, anchor systems

9. Retaining structures, composite and diaphragm walls loading stages, deformations

10. Geotechnical monitoring in foundation engineering - examples of application

11. Geotechnical monitoring - preconditions, instrumentation

12. Trial test, discussion and evaluation

13. Site investigation, soil/rock data and geotechnical site model

14. Faults in foundation engineering, remedial actions, case histories

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Spread footing - sensitivity to site conditions and selection of partial safety factors

2. Limit states of pile subjected to horizontal load - rigid / flexible pile, free / constrained pile head

3. Limit states of pile subjected to vertical load - different site conditions

4. Computer lab for geotechnical design - selected types of structures - introduction

5. Soil-structure interaction - retaining wall with tieback anchors

6. Retaining walls - stability considerations with respect to different site conditions

7. Retaining wall design in inclined area - arrangement of working space, slope stability, design related to selected site conditions and construction stages

8. Soil-structure interaction - footing mat in selected site conditions

9. Geotechnical monitoring - goals and ideas of design of monitoring for selected cases of constructions

Study Objective:

Understanding and application of advanced design methods based on soil-structure interaction for shallow footings, piles, retaining structures, foundation pits, use of selected geotechnical software, principles of monitoring in foundation engineering

Study materials:

Coduto, D., P.: Foundation Design: Principles and Practices. Barnes & Noble, ISBN: 0135897068, 2000

Smoltzyk, U. (ed): Geotechnical Engineering Handbook. Vol. 1-3. Ernst & Sohn, A Willey Comp. ISBN: 3-433-01449-3,-01450-7,-01451-5, 2003.

Eurocode 7: Geotechnical Design: Worked examples:


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