Steel structures 3C

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134STS3 Z,ZK 3 2P+1C English
Department of Steel and Timber Structures

To teach students advanced solutions and models of steel structures of multi-storey and single storey buildings, masts, towers, chimneys, tanks, silos and bunkers and pipelines. Also suspended and cable stayed bridges, transportation bridges. To show systems of aluminium structures. Principals of erection of steel structures.


Bases of design of structures.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Stability of frames - imperfections

2. Stability of frames - modelling and analyses

3. Connection design - moment connections

4. Connection design - column bases

5. Connection design - fire and seismic

6. Excursion to the building site

7. Tubular structures

8. Lateral torsional buckling, torsion

9. Plate buckling; built-up compression members

10. Design of steel to concrete composite structures

11. High-rise buildings

12. Structures of large spans, stadiums, halls

13. Aluminium structures

Syllabus of tutorials:

Design of frame.

Design of built-up battened column.

Design of un-propped composite floor beam.

Study Objective:

Advanced design of steel and steel and concrete structures.

Study materials:

Silva L.S., Simoes R., Gervásio, H.: Design of steel structures. ECCS Eurocode Design Manuals,Ernst & Sohn, 2010, 438 p.

Trahair N.S., Bradford M.A., Nerthercot D.A., Gardner L.: The behaviour and design of steel structures to EC3. Taylor & Francis, 2008, 490 p.

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Access Steel website ( www.access-steel.com )

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Buckling of Steel Shells - European Design Recommendations ECCS ISBN (ECCS 92-9147-000-92, 2008

Darko Beg; Ulrike Kuhlmann; Laurence Davaine; Benjamin Braun, Design of Plated Structures, , ECCS | Ernst & Sohn ISBN (ECCS): 978-92-9147-100-3, 2010

Design of Cold-formed Steel Structures

Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures

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David A. Nethercot, Composite Constructions, Spon Press - Taylor and Francis, 2004

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