Transportation Psychology

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A15DPS Z 2 2+0
Department of Languages and Humanities

This subject offers systematic presentation and analysis of scientific knowledge according to the basic outline. As the outcome, the principle of complexity concerning various aspects of some of the related scientific branches is observed. The interpretation include conditions by which both the performance and reliability of man within transportation systems are influenced. Models of applications and solutions are, based on the theory and application unity point of view, preceded by scientific analyses of transportation processes and conditions, in which actual psychological problems arise. Methodological criteria are emphasized as fundamental sources for students´ education.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.The subject of psychology and selected basic psychological terms.

2.Basic psychological knowledge on workers driving means of transport and operating traffic systems.

3.Getting information in traffic system, notifiers and information systems from the point of view of cognitive psychology.

4.Static and dynamic desicion and acting particularly in the relation with level of awarness and risk of the .traffic situation

5.Structure of means of transport from the engineer psychology standpoint.

6.Traffic way and service from the point of view of psychology and fyzilogy.

7.Psychological aspects of human factor failure in transportation. Accidents and traffic conflicts.

8.Stress, fatigue, monotony and biorhythms in transport. Work and rest routine.

9.Personnel and organization work in traffic from the psychological point of view.

10.Age and experience of traffic participants.

11.Psychological criteria of competence for driving vehicles and operating systems. Selecting workers.

12.Traffic education and training. Development of skills and social competence.

13.Social and psychological aspects of traffic (human relations, expected and real behaviour, social communication and co-operation models).

14.Traffic and environment from the psychological point of view.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Mayerová M., Mikšík O., Břicháček V.: Spolehlivost člověka v dopravních systémech, Praha, NADAS, 1990

Štikar J., Hoskovec J.: Přehled dopravní psychologie. Historie, teorie, výzkum, aplikace., Praha, Karolinum, 1995

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