Anatomy and Physiology I

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The combined subject of anatomy and physiology is the introductory course ofmedical subjects for non-medical specialties.



1st Attendance 80% practical exercises. The absence (up to 20%, ie 3 absences per semester) must be replaced defended seminary work. Documented illness or incapacity for work medical report is considered absence.

2nd Preparation and defense of essay, the student chooses at the beginning of the semester according to the offer.

3rd Ongoing basic knowledge validated tests, seminar work, oral testing - determines the extent and form of practical teacher training.

test requirements

1st Granted credit for practical training

2nd The written test demonstrating knowledge of the first (proper) time, the first correction term (the second term) and the second correction term (the third term). The success of the test at least 80%.

3rd Tests are not published and are provided to students after the test.

Without obtaining credit and write credit in the baskets is not possible to implement the test!

Syllabus of lectures:

1st Week: Cytomorfology. Functional morphology of tissues

2nd Week: Cell physiology, protein synthesis

3rd Week: General structure of bone growth, mechanical properties of bone and cartilage and tendons.

4th Week: Bone metabolism. Bone circulation.

5th Week: General structure of the joint principles of joint mechanics Kinesiology and anatomy of the spine.

6th Week: Physiology of articular joints. Metabolism of articular cartilage. Synovial fluid

7th Week: General structure of muscle, kontraktibilita, control muscle contractions.

8th Week: Muscle Physiology

9th Week: Trunk muscles. Respiratory muscles. Diaphragm

10th Week: Morphology of the respiratory system

11th Week: Fysiology of respiratory system

12th Week: Cardiovascular system - construction

13th Week: Cardiovascular system - fiction

14th Week: Consultation Week

Syllabus of tutorials:

1st Week: Demonstration electronograms. Use basic medical terminology to describe body

2nd Week: Blood, blood groups - the liquid tissue

3rd Week: Skeleton human bone identification, description of the principles of the skeleton, the main palpable services, basic anthropometric points on the body

4th Week: Metabolism, and metabolic energy. Tissue mineralization. PowerLab

5th Week: Connection to the spine, the kinetics and kinematics of the spine. Art. sacroiliacus. Pelvis as a whole. Home limb bearing joints

6th Week: Hydrodynamics intervertebral plates. Circulation of joint fluid - modeling

7th Week: Overview of muscle groups of the head and neck. Muscle relief of the body - muscle on the living sculpture. PK muscles. Palpable structures on PK

8th Week: Muscle contraction, muscle strength, EMG

9th Week: DK muscles. Palpable services to DK.

10th Week: Demonstration of respiratory organs

11th Week: Mechanics of breathing, respiratory gas transport. PowerLab

12th Week: Demonstration bodies cardiovascular system

13th Week: Pumping function of the heart, the heart of the revolution. Management. PowerLab

14th Week: Seminar work

Study Objective:

Anatomy - to get a review of the structure and composition

of the human body.

Physiology - to get understanding of the functioning of

living matter, based on the description of living cell, and

the exchange of chemicals, energy and information with the


Study materials:

[1] Dylevský, I.: Funkční anatomie člověka, Grada 2009

[2] Feneis, H.: Obrazový anatomický slovník, Grada 2007

[3] Mourek, J.: Fyziologie, Grada 2005

[4] Dylevský I.: Dětský pohybový systém, Palestra, Vysoká škola tělesné výchovy a sportu PALESTRA, spol. s r.o., 2011

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