English Language III.

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Code Completion Credits Range
29CVF KZ 4 0+4
Department of Biomedical Technology

English for Biomedical Professionals. Vocabulary and

communication about Medicine, Medical eEquipment, Health Care System, Biological

Signals, Medical Imaging Systems, Giving Presentations, Economy in Health Care,

Management in Medicine and Medical institutions, life functions, etc.


Credits will be given for attendance ( 3 sick leaves), final written test ( at least 60% to pass),oral examination and presentation on Biomedical topic. The written test is based on the textbook of Roubík K.: English for Biomedical professionals. It is necessary to focus on biomedical vocabulary,content of the articles,graph description and formal letter writing. In the oral part the student gets an article from New Scientist which he reads and talks about with the teacher. Presentation should be on biomedical topic, please use unit 5 of the above mentioned textbook and a manual - How to make your presentation while you are preparing it. The manual is on the web page of the subject. Also the student who is giving the presentation prepares for his classmates a hand-out which they fill in during his presentation. The correctness is checked at the end of the presentation.

Syllabus of lectures:

no lectures

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction. Revision and communication.

2. Medicine and Medical Equipment. Definitions.

3. Health Care System. Abbreviations, English articles.

4. Biosignals. Independent and dependent clauses.

5. Medical Imaging Systems. Passive voice.

6. Presentations. Reported speech.

7. Health Care Economics. Infinitives.

8. Revision and Presentations.

9. Health Care and Hospital Management. Gerunds.

10. Life Processes and Life Functions. Participles.

11. Organ Systems. Conditionals.

12. Drug Discovery. Subject and verb agreement.


14. Final test.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] Murphy R.: English grammar in use. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2003.

[2] Pohl A.: Professional English Medical,Penguin ,2003

[3] Roubík K., O'Neill C., Smith S.: English for Biomedical rofessionals. ČVUT, Praha, 2005.

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