Technical optics

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2362502 KZ 3 2P+2L Czech
Jiří Čáp (guarantor)
Jiří Čáp (guarantor)
Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

The course gives a thorough interpretation of the principle of image forming by planar and spherical surfaces under the laws of geometric optics. It also deals with monochromatic and colour aberrations and basic visual instruments.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Light as electromagnetic radiation. Wavefronts and rays. Index of refraction. Optical path. Polarization.

2. Fermat's principle. Refraction and reflection at a plane surface. Total internal reflection. Planparalel plate. Handeness and parity.

3. Plane mirro and systems of mirrors. Refraction prisms: types, applications.

4.Crown and flint glass, dispersion, Abbe number. Dispersion prisms, minimum deviation position.

5. Curved optical surface and systems of spherical surfaces. Transfer equations, ray tracing. Cardinal points and planes. Focal length, optical power. Magnification.

6. Thick and thin lens: image forming, ray tracing, lens' types. Geomterical ray tracing. Thin lens systems, effective focal length. Afocal attachment.

7. Aberrations of optical systems: monochromatic. colour. Corrections of aberrations.

8. Reading glasses, magnifying glass: resolving power, magnification, types.

9. Microscope: optical layout, main characteristics. Mechanical design.

10. Image recording with a microscope. Inverted and stereomicrooscope.

11. Illumination system of microscope. Abbe theory of image forming.

12. Contrast enhancing techniques in microscopy.

13. Refracting telescopes: Galileo, Kepler. Focusing mechanisms. Image erecting systems.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Problems related to the lecture content (calculations).

Laboratory tasks: Apex angle of a prism, Index of refraction and Abbe number, Focal length of a thick lens, Resolving power and optical aberrations

Study Objective:

Understanding the laws of geometrical optics, image formation, the origin and nature of the aberrations. Understanding of basic optical instruments' principles.

Study materials:

E. Dereniak and T. Dereniak: GEOMETRICAL AND

TRIGONOMETRIC OPTICS, Cambridge University Press, New York, 2008

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