Practical Exercises in Radiochemical Technology

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15RATEC KZ 2 0+2
Mojmír Němec (guarantor), Kateřina Čubová, Miroslava Semelová
Department of Nuclear Chemistry

The exercise is oriented on the training of students in laboratory praxis and work with open radioactive sources through basic lab operations such as pipetting, extraction and chromatography techniques. Training is also focused on decontamination of surfaces and cleanup of the accident, work behind shielding and in a glove box.


1. Basic practical courses in chemistry

2. Health qualification for work in ionizing radiation risk

3. Exam in Nuclear chemistry 1

4. Enrolment in Dosimetry and radiation protection

5. Entrance test

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Regulations for the work in laboratory and with open IR sources.

2. Pipetting techniques, work with plastic shielding

3. Preparation and dilution of radioactive solution, work in glove box

4. Contamination check, wipes, surface decontamination

5.Laboratory techniques of liquid extraction and their comparison

6.Column chromatography,utilization of the fraction changer

Study Objective:

Learning outcomes of the students will consist of basics in radiochemical laboratory work and fundamental radioanalytical procedures, and they will get competencies to apply these practical knowledge in their work work with open radioactive sources.

Study materials:

Key references:

1. Atomic Act 263/2016 Coll. and related legislation (namely Decree of the SÚJB Nos. 409 and 422/2016 Coll.)

2. W.D.Loveland, D.J. Morrissey, G.T. Seaborg: Modern nuclear chemistry, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, 2006.

Recommended references:

1. Act No. 18/1997 Coll., on Peaceful Utilisation of Nuclear Energy and Ionising

Radiation (the Atomic Act) and on Amendments and Additions to Related Acts.

Media and tools:

1. Radiochemistry laboratory

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