Leadership and Talent Management

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Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies

Leadership and Talent Management provides an insight into the specifics of staff leadership with differentiated use of soft and hard management tools. Comparative analysis of methods for managing key competences of managers and leaders; leadership as a tool for identification of staff's competences and talents, targeted management thereof and facilitation, a tool that supports teamwork, mutual trust and responsibility for achieving desirable results, with focus on potential development and staff motivation, energization and synergetic effects. Characteristics of a leader as the vision and mission carrier and a strategist pursuing the accomplishment of the organisation's key goals.


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Syllabus of lectures:

The interdisciplinary nature of leadership and an overview of the crucial phases of its development

Complementarity of management and leadership in the theory and in the business practice

The importance of leadership in change management

Key roles and competencies of manager and leader

Personal leadership

Styles of management and leadership and the rate of effectiveness of their use

Factors of group dynamics and the importance of positive leadership

The development of team synergy

The development of individual creativity and innovative leadership

Conflict management in a workgroup and techniques of group problem solving

Transformational and strategic leadership

Strategic talent management framework

Identification and development of key staff

Syllabus of tutorials:

Strategic leadership - link to corporate strategy

Strategic leadership - developing strategy

Change management and project management

Working group / team leadership, consultation and facilitation

Personal leadership - motivation and leadership styles

Conflict management

Study Objective:

The objective of this course is to make the students familiar with the development principles of leadership, i.e. from dependence to independence (proactivity, preferring the important to the urgent, pursuing the goal), from independence to mutuality (emotional intelligence, empathy, respecting differences, win/win negotiating, building positive relationships), to effectiveness (building a creative environment, developing creativity, generating ideas, process-based innovation management) and active involvement based on personal examples. The structure of talent management as a source of succession and permanent improvement; identification of talents, their development (focus on the principles that are vital in developing innovative competences of a learning organisation) and their deployment & interconnection.

Study materials:

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