HR Management

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51PM Z,ZK 4 2P+2C Czech
Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies

As part of corporate management, HR Management is focused on staff management, particularly in terms of recruiting, developing, utilising and organising people and interlinking their work, as well as exploring the results of their work, their professional skills and work-related behaviour, their attitude to the work they do, to their company and their colleagues, personal satisfaction they get out of their work and various aspects of personal and social development.


Credit: active participation (at least 80%, i.e. 2 absences allowed, you cannot substitute with another group), handover of the credit written work and its prezentation in the group (min.10 minutes +5 minutes disccussion), submitting materials of group work (ongoing)

Test: active participation in lectures/workshops, (at least 80%, i.e. 2 authorised absence),exam

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction and role of personnel management

2. Personnel planning and the analysis of the work places, job descriptions , specifications of the job positions.

3. Personnel marketing, the recruitment

4. The selection of workers and access to employment, administrative formalities

5. The adaptation of the personnel, the deployment of personnel, the release of the workers

6. The evaluation of the workers and the management of work performance

7. The motivation of workers

8. The remuneration of and controlling

9. The training and development

10. The career management and the talent management

11. Corporate culture and internal communication

12. PIS, Care for employees

13. The framework lecture-summary

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Human resources planning and job analysis

2.The personnel marketing, acquisition

3. The personnel selection

4. Entranceand deployment and adaptation

5. The evaluation of employees

6. The motivation and the remuneration

7. The training and development programs

8. The career plans and the care for employees

9-12. The presentation of the student´s credit works

13. Evaluation

Study Objective:

The objective of this course is to teach the students how to design HR strategies as part of change processes, devise HR strategy projects, perform HR audits, assess staff performance & potential characteristics, draft staff development plans, manage staff careers and plan successions. Furthermore, the course provides an insight into the position of HR in companies, comparative analysis of motivation and stimulation methods and techniques, comparative analysis of appraisal methods, comparative analysis of remuneration methods, comparative analysis of HR management models, HR policies as part of change processes, job analysis and competence analysis methods, HR benchmarking, HR controlling and HR marketing. The focus areas include:

HR management and development of corporate culture

HR management and knowledge management

Development of access to knowledge

Data - information - knowledge and their utilisation

Knowledge-based society

Problem-solving strategies

Intellectual capital, its structure and utilisation

The importance of corporate culture

The importance of emotional intelligence

Preconditions for development of a learning organisation

Innovative competences of a learning organisation

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