Strategic Human Resource Management and Development

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Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies

Strategic HR Management and HR Development analyses some key processes of strategic HR management; in particular, the focus is on optimum management of HR education and development and subsequent synthesis aimed at establishing a „learning organisation“ based on mutual teaching, updating of knowledge, creative development and use of such knowledge for effective targeted innovations for enhancing the value added of the respective product and increase the company's competitiveness.


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Syllabus of lectures:

Introduction to the subject

Contexts of human resource management

Background and components of strategic human resource management

Human resource strategy and policies in the context of changes in the external and internal environment of the organization

Competency based human resource management (1) - prerequisites and conditions for successful implementation

Competency based human resource management (2) - integration of HR functions according to a set of competencies

Performance management and management by objectives in relation to strategic HR management

Strategic development of human potential in an environment of labor organizations

Intercultural management

International human resource management

Diversity and inclusive management

People management

Functions, roles and competencies of HR

Syllabus of tutorials:

Creating HR strategy - link to corporate strategy, tactical plan

Making competencies - relation to PPP, measurable criteria

Recruitment and selection of employees - strategic x operational approach

Employee evaluation - strategic x operative approach

Remuneration of employees - strategic x operative approach

Layoffs and outplacement - strategic x operative approach

Study Objective:

The objective of this course is to understand the importance of HR and strategic human resource management and developemnt at all levels as an integral part of management of social and economic processes - both in general and in specifically defined social and economic environments, taking into account the dynamics of the business concerned, the risks involved and the corporate culture (intercultural environment).

Study materials:

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